Kobo Aura H2O is waterproof

Kobo Aura H2O: Last Year’s Top Premium E-Reader Goes Waterproof

Last year I wrote a review of the Kobo Aura HD, a premium e-reader with an ultra-sharp display. Many people thought Kobo was losing it for releasing an e-reader that cost more than many tablets instead of focusing on releasing models cheap enough to be impulse buys. A year after the Aura HD and Amazon was in the premium game too, with the $219 Kindle Voyage. Rather than enter an all-out spec war with Amazon, Kobo opted for a different strategy with its followup: take the Aura HD and make it waterproof.

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Will The Bookstore Experience Live On?

I’m hoping the day never arrives when I don’t have access to a brick-and-mortar bookstore where I live. A few months ago my wife handed me the phone — on the other line was my father-in-law who lives in a different town. His first words were “Jim, I have some bad news. The bookstore closed.” What he was talking about was the last remaining bookstore in his little city, a place that I always tried to pay a visit when we were there. Shut down. Gone. Not coming back.

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Reading used to be so simple.

E-Reader, Tablet or Paper: How Are Your Kids Reading These Days?

The primary questions around kids and reading used to be: What do they read? And how much? These days – stuck in some sort of netherworld between competing technologies and traditional paper books — I find another question is being asked just as frequently: How are they reading? I fully transitioned to digital reading years ago, doubling up my book collection to regain some shelf space and buying only e-books going forward. But with the kids, the situation has been far more complicated.

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Library For All

Geek Dads, Please Help! — Library For All

Time is short, so this will be a short post. There’s a Kickstarter project that needs help — they’re SO close to their goal, but need some more assistance. It’s called Library For All, and the goal of its team “is to build a digital library providing e-book content to those living in impoverished communities, using technology specifically adapted to the low bandwidth internet connections of these communities and the lack of technology familiarity among the intended users.”

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