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Time is short, so this will be a short post. There’s a Kickstarter project that needs help — they’re SO close to their goal, but need some more assistance. It’s called Library For All, and the goal of its team “is to build a digital library providing e-book content to those living in impoverished communities, using technology specifically adapted to the low bandwidth internet connections of these communities and the lack of technology familiarity among the intended users.”

I’m sitting here at my desk, looking at all the books on my shelf… and thinking about all the books in this house that my two boys enjoy. As a writer, this project appeals to me. But as a dad, this project screams for my support… and I’ve chosen to back this project. I hope you’ll do the same. Please visit the project’s page here. Watch the video and decide if this is a worthwhile endeavor for your to support.

If you choose to support it, thank you. But please don’t stop there. Tweet the link to your followers. Share the link with your Facebook friends. Maybe even ask your boss if it’s okay to share the link with your co-workers. The GeekDad community is huge, and we have a wide reach when we choose to use it.

Here’s the link again —

Here’s the organization’s website —

And here’s a tweet you can copy and paste — LIBRARY FOR ALL: a digital library for the developing world by @LibraryForAll via @kickstarter

They’ve got less than 11 days left. Please help spread the word.

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