Did the Library of Congress Just Follow GeekDad’s Lead?

Geek Culture

A couple of weeks ago we here at GeekDad highlighted the opportunity to read A Princess of Mars for free through a variety of ebook formats before the movie arrives in theaters March 9th. Here at GeekDad we are planning to have a book discussion the week following the release of the movie. Well, apparently no less of an organization than The Library of Congress thought our idea of reading a free ebook copy of the book was a good idea. A very nice looking and user friendly ebook version of A Princess of Mars mysteriously appeared recently at www.read.gov. Plus, the team over at Disney made the PSA above to highlight the Library of Congress’ ebook. Coincidence? Perhaps….

If you still haven’t started A Princess of Mars, this is a really great clean copy of a first edition. And if you are done reading A Princess of Mars, you might look at the other novels highlighted in our 102 Essential Science Fiction Books For Your Kindle post. (You can find most of these for the Nook as well.) Either way, we will see you here in a couple of weeks for our book discussion.

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