Papercraft Wizards & Cardboard Warriors… Plus a Free Download Code

As I’ve continued to search for new and inexpensive papercraft methods to make minis and terrain, I’ve discovered a number of websites and comrades-in-arms who also enjoy papercraft with their gaming, and I’d like to share some of these resources with you below — many of these folks are geek parents, so I’ve also asked a few of them for a little background on their hobbies and their kids.

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide #7: DIY and Makers

Artist, maker, electronics geek, DIY enthusiast, and builder are just some of the names we call ourselves, but, whatever your moniker, we all share a love for creating, building, and the warm sense of accomplishment. Recent advances in technology, and price of the technology, have been a boon to the maker and DIY movement. Below we list the tools, technologies, supplies, and projects that inspired us this year.

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DIY: 3M Auto Boot Camp Proves You Can Make Your Old Car Look New Again

It would be wonderful if we could each buy a shiny new car the second the old one started to look shabby. Even if you’re careful, scratches, dents, and general wear and tear can take their toll on your precious. One solution is to take it to a detailer and have them buff and polish until it looks like new, but that can be expensive. I recently discovered how easy it is to bring a car back to life.

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