Making a Wooden Wagon

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All Images: Mark Moran

Just before Christmas, Roy Berendsohn at Popular Mechanics published an excellent article called How To Build A Wooden Wagon. As a beginning woodworker, this seemed like a fun project that could be made for under $100 and would make a great gift for my 3-year-old daughter. The wagon is painted to resemble the 1931 Radio Flyer classic, but is heavier and more stable as it is made of solid oak rather than thin steel.

IMG_2584I started by purchasing a 10′ board of 1″x10″ oak, then used a miter saw and table saw to cut the wood into strips of various sizes. I glued the base together, planed it, then glued on the sides.

IMG_2593I painted everything with two coats of white primer and two coats of red paint.IMG_2674
IMG_2684The bumper rail is attached with six batons screwed into the main box.IMG_2755
While the top dried, I assembled and stained four trucks, then used 2″ bolts as axles for the wheels I found online for about $25.

IMG_2797IMG_2726I glued and screwed the trucks to the bottom of the steering yoke and wagon box.
IMG_2814Finally, I made the handle by gluing a long 5/8″ dowel into a short 1″ one.
IMG_3041The wagon runs smoothly on various surfaces, whether carrying her and her best friend or just her baby brother and some toys. IMG_3026IMG_2925

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3 thoughts on “Making a Wooden Wagon

  1. Nice little wagon. I always like to think about building versus buying when I can. Also, bonus for the OK to Wake Owl. It’s probably the best purchase we ever made for our son!

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