TableTop Returns From Hiatus With Shadows Over Camelot

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After a short summer break, everyone’s favorite gaming show returns this week with a game of the awesome and (mostly) collaborative Shadows Over Camelot. The great game from Days of Wonder is full of ancient lore, knights, and even the Holy Grail, but there is a hidden challenge — one of the players may be a traitor working against the realm.

In this week’s episode, Wil, as Arthur, is joined by his knights of the rectangle table, Jerry Holkins, as Gawain, Mike Krahulik, as Galahad, and Tara Strong, as the heroic Tristan. Holkins and Krahulik, who create Penny Arcade, and Strong, who voices animated characters from Timmy Turner on Fairly Odd Parents to Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony, strap on their cardboard armor and prepare to do battle against the black knight and forces of evil.

If you’ve not played Shadows Over Camelot before, it’s a fun collection of mini-games, quests, if you will, that players can undertake for the greater good. However, as the knights battle for Camelot, the forces of evil approach, oftentimes aided by a traitor. In this episode of TableTop, there is, indeed, a traitor, whose identity is revealed about halfway through the episode. In the end, it’s a very memorable episode, for many reasons, and one that’s definitely worth watching!


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