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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 2: What It Is

Episode one of the new (improved?) Radio Free Hipster started cold; I didn’t give a lot of information about what the show was–I more of less just jumped back in and dragged you with me. This time around, however, I step back and try to talk a bit about the podcast’s geeky musical slant. And fail miserably.

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Dem Eyes Doe

Adam WarRock and Supercommuter Catch ‘Em All

I know two things for certain: Espurr is straight-up freaky and Wheelie Cyberman is the Pokémon Poet. You’ll find proof-positive of both below in this new take on “X & Y” by my pal Adam WarRock — with a little help Wheelie of Supercommuter. The dope chiptune remix of WarRock’s original Pokémon anthem was orchestrated by none other than Stenobot, also of Supercommuter. Enjoy!

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