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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 44: Colonel Mustard

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What day is it? Why is it so cold in here? Why am I so hungry?

These are but a few of the questions many of us have been asking since Sunday’s time change. Sadly, this show answers none of them.

Instead, we talk about Biggie and the inevitable collapse of a star—like you do.

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00:45 Nerd Parade – “3×4
04:18 Talking / Pulsing – “Sticky Machine
04:57 Metaforce – “Subliminal (Style Wars pt. 1)” (content warning)
08:08 Inverse Phase – “Bad Apple SMS (SN76489)
11:21 MC Lars – “Black and Yellow T-Shirts (feat. MC Frontalot)
15:26 Pulsing – “Escargot Express
18:29 Mega Ran – “Lyrically I’m… (prod. by Fresh Kils)
21:39 More talking / Pulsing – “Sticky Machine”
22:59 Marc With a C – “Falling Sometimes Down
28:45 Smashy Claw – “There Goes the Sun (Doo Doo Doo Doo) (Demo)
31:54 Knuckleheadz – “Na-Na-Na-Na-Boo-Boo
35:12 More or Les – “Hate Rap (feat. Wordburglar)
37:53 Even more talking / Pulsing – “Sticky Machine”
40:05 Mikey Mason – “The Sunday After the Saturday Immediately Following the Actual Calendar Date of St. Patrick’s Day” (content warning)

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