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The Audience Is Listening – Marc With a C’s ‘Unicorns Get More Bacon’

In recent years, Marc with a C has often travelled deeper and deeper into the reedy realm of the concept album, with releases like last year’s moody ‘Exactly Where I Am’ (complete with its enigmatic, photographic lead-up) and 2013’s market-driven ‘Popular Music’ (an album literally designed by committee). Therefore, I tend to view his latest LP, ‘Unicorn Get More Bacon,’ as more a return to form.

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Music Review: ‘Exactly Where I Am’ by Marc With a C

‘Exactly Where I Am’ is a strong album that resonates with Marc’s low-fidelity pop sensibility. Marc doesn’t try to obfuscate the theme of the album, throwing it in the Bandcamp’s description: “The intersection between yesterday’s small-town secrets and today’s information overload.” That comes across heavily in most of the tracks without leaving the listener feeling spoon-fed.

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