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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 30: Hoarse Sense

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Do not adjust your headphones—I… I really sound like that.

In this episode, we hear some great old stuff from Beefy and Random, and we also hear some great new stuff from Ultraklystron, Stemage, and Snoot. Oh, and I talk a bit about the upcoming Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, at which I will be speaking. And I do use the term loosely.

You can listen via the player below, download episode 30 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Go with what feels right.

00:53 Beefy – “I’m No Superman
04:00 Talking / Eino Keskitalo – “Motion Sickness
04:42 8 Bit Weapon – “Die Die My Darling
06:57 Jay Zeezer – “Encore for Wayne” (content warning)
10:47 Ultraklystron – “Week Off
14:45 Snoot – “Paper Thin Walls
18:12 More talking / Eino Keskitalo – “Motion Sickness”
19:36 Zombies! Organize!! – “F-Bombs & 1-Ups” (content warning)
23:51 Stemage – “Astronaut
28:31 A-1 – “Black Ranger” (content warning)
30:33 Marc with a C – “As the Bombs Fell
31:53 Even more talking / Eino Keskitalo – “Motion Sickness”
34:27 Random – “City Boy

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