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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 36: Monster Manager 2016

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Meet me at midnight for a diabolical dance through the graveyard. Or, you know, maybe just listen to this podcast in your car or while you’re doing laundry or something.

Either one works.

But, at any rate, enjoy these seasonal selections from MCs Frontalot and chris, our annual Halloween single from Wockenfuss, and my favorite Marc with a C cover song.

You can listen via the player below, download episode 36 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Just don’t cross the streams.

00:44 mc chris – “Freddy’s Dead” (content warning)
03:07 Talking / Inverse Phase – “Sega Things
03:55 g4gorilla – “Bring Frankenstein Back to My Street”
08:40 MC Frontalot – “Goth Girls” (content warning)
12:57 The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets – “One-Gilled Girl
15:08 Wockenfuss – “TerrorVision” (content warning)
18:47 More talking / Inverse Phase – “Sega Things”
19:44 “Come On Down To Lovecrafts!“/ Uncle Monsterface – “Mashed Potato vs. Vampire
24:31 Schaffer the Darklord – “Afraid of Everything (feat. BB Heart)
28:20 Thundering Asteroids! – “Monster Movie
30:15 The Bossfights – “Left4Dead” (content warning)
33:54 Even more talking / Inverse Phase – “Sega Things”
35:54 Marc with a C – “Shock Treatment

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