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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 48: Clean Up

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Things are looking up, but only if we want them to. So where does one find the inspiration to hang on? Anywhere, really, but this time around I mine the strength of a new remix from mc chris, Weird Al covers from Insane Ian and Lager Rhythms, and much, much more.

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00:44 The TroubleShooters – “The Dull Futility of Everything”
04:14 Talking / 8 Bit Weapon – “DLC the OST (Season Pass Edition)
05:06 Dual Core – “10 Hack Commandments
07:47 YTCracker – “Pinot Noire Superstar” (content warning)
10:10 Kirby Krackle – “Moisture Farm”
13:42 DJ RoboRob – “Imperial Communique”
18:24 More talking / 8 Bit Weapon – “DLC the OST (Season Pass Edition)”
19:51 mc chris – “greenlight (snobots ver.)” (content warning)
21:47 Hathbanger – “Party & Bullsh*t (In the USA)” (content warning)
25:07 Insane Ian – “That Boy Could Dance
27:58 Lager Rhythms – “Your Horoscope for Today
32:39 Even more talking / 8 Bit Weapon – “DLC the OST (Season Pass Edition)”
34:25 DJ Moule – “Positive Walk” (content warning)

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