Weird Al’s Word Crimes Is One of His Best

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As you may be able to tell, we GeekDads tend to be grammar nerds (and punctuation dorks, too). We’re also huge Weird Al fans. So today we’re in heaven.

For eight days, Al is featuring eight videos for eight songs from his new album, Mandatory Fun, over on his website. Today’s entry is titled Word Crimes, and in parodying the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Al has struck gold again, especially with the amazing animations by Jarrett Heather. There are those on the GeekDad lists claiming this may be the Best. Al .EVAR. I won’t go that far (I’m quite partial to CNR), but we’d love to hear your opinion on what is yet another Weird Al masterpiece.

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3 thoughts on “Weird Al’s Word Crimes Is One of His Best

  1. I loved Tacky (his Happy parody) and wondered how he’d top that. Sure enough, he came out with Word Crimes and now I don’t know which is my favorite. All I know is that I’m burning through my phone’s data plan playing the videos over and over. This album is definitely a must-buy!

  2. I like me some Weird Al, but I’m too out of touch with today’s popular music to understand a lot of the parody songs. I’ll stick with Even Worse and Off the Deep End.

    1. Well over half of all his parody songs I heard HIS version first. Was still hilarious, and eventually led me to find the original and listen to it (usually only once). Same for the videos. Never really understood his “Fat” music video until I tracked down the Bad video and saw what he had done.

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