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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 7: Magic Mic

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Today’s episode is weirdly topical. It’s almost like I’m paying attention to the world outside my window, and not just living in my own head.

But it must be a coincidence, ’cause we know that would never happen.

You can download episode 7 directly via this link, and/or you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Whatever’s clever!

Dem show notes doe.

00:44 Stevie D & Sarah G – “If We’d Just Meet Al
03:13 Talking / BGM: Jake Kaufman – “Town Theme
03:43 Jake Kaufman – “Title Theme
05:48 Adam WarRock – “Spirited Away (kHill Remix)” (language warning)
09:22 Supercommuter – “Natural Immunity (feat. Stumblebee)
12:32 Inverse Phase – “Thnks fr th RAM
15:51 B.C. – “Raptor Song” (language warning)
18:23 More talking / BGM: Jake Kaufman – “Town Theme”
19:22 Tuberz McGee – “Personification of Evil (The Emperor’s Rebirth, Escape!)
23:12 Warp 11 – “Everything I Do (I Do With William Shatner)
26:00 Andrew Allen – “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
29:37 Seth Phillips – “Half Life (feat. Megan Nishihara)
33:38 Even more talking / BGM: Jake Kaufman – “Town Theme”
36:32 Wockenfuss – “A Blink of an Eye

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