You Can Pick the Beasts for the 2016 Baby Bestiary Calendar!

Geek Culture Kickstarter

Our good friend and ongoing sponsor Andreas Walters of Metalweave Designs is back with a new Kickstarter campaign this month, and this time, not only can you get an awesomely cute calendar filled with adorable beasties, you get to pick the ones that will be put into the calendar!

We picked out three beasts that we just HAD to have in the calendar such as the Owlbear Cubs, Griffin Hatchlings and Gnoll Whelps. But we have no idea what to do for the other nine.

This is where you, the backers, come in! We need your help to vote on the other nine beasts in the 2016 Baby Bestiary Calendar!


There are options to pick up the calendar in just digital form, or get a properly-printed version, of course. You can also add on a copy of the Baby Bestiary book we featured previously. Either way, this is an adorable way to enjoy the monsters you’ve loved in your RPGs.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here!


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