Loft-y Cinematic Sound on a Budget

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SRS-DB500 (image: (image:

SRS-DB500 (image:

I’ve been tinkering away on a project for our loft bedroom for about 6 months now. I’m slowly turning the room into a dual purpose sleeping space and cinema. The reason it’s taken me so long though is that this is all on a tight budget.

Having organized a second-hand screen to magically appear from behind the dresser, I have been looking for a quality audio solution. But most of these set-ups are simply too expensive and unwieldy. Then I stumbled across the SRS-DB500 Sony PC speaker set.

Not only didn’t this blow the budget (at around $125) but it was also small enough to slide under the bed. I then simply wired up one speaker on each of our night stands. The results were really impressive, and now Mum and Dad have their own secret movie space to escape to when Christmas gets a little too much.

Here’s the technical specs for the audio buffs:

  • Powerful bass production suitable for gaming and movies
  • Sub-woofer using FST-ZX80D speaker unit
  • Wired controller for easy operation

Currently $127.27 from Amazon

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