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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 34: The Brave and the Bold

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Like its host, this edition of the podcast is unexpectedly short. Unlike me, however, it’s filled with musical wonder and whimsy. (I, by contrast, am filled primarily with caramel and creamy nougat.)

You can listen via the player below, download episode 34 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Then have a candy bar and think of me.

00:43 ComputeHer – “Club Microwave
03:18 Talking / ComputeHer – “Futurism
04:36 Malibu Shark Attack – “BDMTHRFCKR” (content warning)
07:09 MC Lars and YTCracker – “911 am (Rudy Giuliani)(feat. Doctor Popular)
10:07 Beefy – “Man Without Fear” (content warning)
15:08 Party Ben – “Calling on Sunday
18:14 More talking / ComputeHer – “Futurism”
19:08 Epic-1 – “Mary Jane (feat. Quinsis) (content warning)
22:59 Moka Only – “Food Truck (Clean)
25:29 The PDX Broadsides – “Meant to Be
28:10 Boy Meets Robot – “Invisible Pink Unicorn (feat. Serah Eley)
31:24 Even more talking / ComputeHer – “Futurism”
34:18 Rae Sterling – “Tale as Old as Time (A Cappella)

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