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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 11: Forgot How to Party

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It’s a party, and everyone’s invited! Well, not everyone. But you? You’re definitely invited.

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I brought show notes. Also chips and dip.

00:44 The Doubleclicks – “Cats at Parties
03:30 Talking/BGM: Argle – “Dream Land Dance Party
04:35 PartyBen – “Galvanize the Empire” (content warning)
08:11 The Consortium of Genius – “Science Party
11:10 Adam WarRock – “Memphis House Party Romp
12:13 Death*Star – “Robot Dance Party Revolution“(content warning)
15:35 Helen Arney – “Laboratory Christmas Party
18:49 More talking/BGM: Argle – “Dream Land Dance Party”
20:19 Starscream – “Space Party Anthem
23:13 Supercommuter – “Robot Party
26:59 Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire – “Magnet Man Party Van (Mega Man 3)
28:28 the modrats – “Nerd Party
30:22 MC Lars and k.flay – “It’s a Party Y’all” (content warning)
33:15 Even more talking/BGM: Argle – “Dream Land Dance Party”
34:45 two weeks notice – “Party of Two

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