GBBP 99: Julie Newmar

On the show today, we chat with Catwoman herself, Julie Newmar. Julie has had a long and storied career, but she is perhaps most well known as the woman who originated the role of Catwoman for the small screen on the first two seasons of ‘Batman.’ And boy did she ever set a precedent.

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Real Female Superheroes Wouldn't Dress Like That

“Real female superheroes wouldn’t dress like that,” my daughter decided.

“It doesn’t seem very likely,” I agreed.

“They’d wear a t-shirt and shorts,” she decided. “So they could move around easily.”

“And they’d probably wear knee pads and elbow pads to protect themselves,” I added.

She shrugged at the idea of protective gear but she laughed when I leaned down and whispered, “It’s almost like men think that we like to fight crime by whacking bad guys with our boobs.”

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