Toronto Comic Book Shop Claims to Be World’s First for Kids


Like many GeekDads and our readers, I frequently take my kids to the local comic book shops. Despite the fact that digital media is increasingly invading our household (including a growing appreciation for the iPad as a comic book reading platform), there’s something to be said for the ambiance of the physical store: the browsing, rifling through boxes, the action figures and the characters (both real and on paper). I like the fact that I can pretty much let the kids wander and explore. However, I do have to keep an eye out because comic books, graphic novels and even action figures often include subject matter that’s not exactly kid friendly.

Cory’s recent post about Catwoman, while aimed at the subject of alienating female readers, is also a prime example of what somewhat questionable material can be available, on display for young eyes. Which is where Little Island Comics comes in.

Little Island Comics logoLittle Island Comics logo

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The Beguiling is a well-known Toronto comic book store (24 years in business) and its operators have decided to seize an untapped market and open a new comic book shop that caters exclusively to the under-12 set. Little Island Comics is specializing in kid-friendly titles, so parents don’t have to worry about their little comic book fans accidentally stumbling across graphic violence, nudity or other inappropriate content. Kids’ comic book authors are being tapped to make appearances and the staff are specially trained to interact with this younger demographic and parents. According to its website, Little Island Comics is the world’s first comic book store for kids, and while I can’t vouch for that claim, I do think it’s a great idea.

The store opened earlier this month, with a grand opening scheduled for the weekend of October 1, if you happen to live in or around the city. Click here for a full list of scheduled appearances during the grand opening. I haven’t been in Toronto this month, so I haven’t had the opportunity to pop in and see the store yet, but The Toronto Star has a nice overview of it.

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