Wil Wheaton Tries to Take Over Pluto!

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Image courtesy of Disney Junior

UPDATE: Our full interview with Wil Wheaton is now available here.

If you don’t have a preschooler, you may not be watching Miles From Tomorrowland on Disney Junior. And if you don’t have a preschooler, you might be excused for thinking that you’re not missing out.

You’d be wrong. I’ve said this before, but this show is smart. And you’ll probably be smarter for watching it. In short, it’s a kids show I honestly don’t mind watching myself.

Miles is currently in its first season, and it’s already had a few “ripped from the headlines” moments, such as the recent episode that focused on Mars. Now we have another. Airing this Saturday, October 24, at 8:30 a.m. ET/PT, is “The Pluto Rescue.” And yes, I did say 8:30 a.m. On a Saturday. Remind you of anything?

Officially, “The Pluto Rescue” is about Miles, Loretta, and Auntie Frida’s trip to Pluto, which coincides with Commander S’Leet’s plan to take over a planet. Who is Commander S’Leet?

I’m glad you asked. It just happens to be this guy:

MILES FROM TOMORROWLAND - Will Wheaton recording session. (Disney Junior/Rick Rowell) WIL WHEATON
Image courtesy of Disney Junior

Miles From Tomorrowland has a phenomenal supporting cast, including Wil Wheaton as Commander S’Leet. How phenomenal? The backup episode airing together with “The Pluto Rescue” is “The Taking of the Solar Express,” which guest stars none other than Mark Hamill. The show also stars George Takei, Bill Nye, and Alton Brown. In short, it’s got some serious nerd cred.

I had a chance to chat with Wil about the episode (among other things), so watch for that full interview next week. But for now, I asked Wil what it was about the show that draws that kind of enviable cast:

It has a delightful premise, and especially guys like me, and Alton, and Bill–we all grew up on really great educational television that didn’t beat you over the head with being educational. . .  and that was one of the things that I immediately responded to when the offer first came to me. I love the animation style, I love the entire conceit of the story, I love the idea of Miles and his whole situation. And I was really thrilled at the opportunity to play this kind of character and this particular character. Finding out the kind of company I was in was just a huge bonus that I never expected.

So this weekend, let’s all pretend like Saturday morning cartoons are still a real thing. Tear open your monster cereal of choice, turn on Disney Junior, and watch as Wil Wheaton tries to take over a planet. What could be better than that?

In case you want even more Miles from Tomorrowland, check out my extended interview with series creator and executive producer Sascha Paladino.

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