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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 35: Wil Wheaton

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We must be doing something right here on the ol’ podcasty thingy (despite our obscenely long and obscurely referenced name). This week, none other than Wil Wheaton drops by the show!

And yes, this is our second episode this week; we just couldn’t wait to share this one with you.

On this episode, we discuss voiceover work in animation, how Wil’s kids have defined their own geekiness, how to live with and learn from your regrets in life, and whether we’ll ever be able to live in a post-bullying society.

We start by chatting about Wil’s guest appearance on the latest episode of Miles From Tomorrowland, in which he plays the slightly villainous Commander S’Leet. For a preview of the episode in question, check out my previous post here.

We then move on to talk about “nerd culture” in general and discuss his thoughts not only about being an ambassador for geekdom but also whether he would’ve wanted to have someone like him to champion the cause when he was younger. His answer might surprise you.

(I reference a speech Wil gave to a fan’s newborn daughter about why being a nerd is awesome. If you haven’t seen it, that video is here.)

I also ask what advice he gives to parents who might be thinking about getting their kids into show business. Again, the swiftness and conviction with which he answers might also surprise you.

Finally, I should note that we conducted this interview before Wil made a splash with his post about the seven things he did to reboot his life and his subsequent rant against HuffPo (and similar sites) that expect people to write for free in exchange for a “unique platform.”

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