New Kickstarter — RPiKit, The Raspberry Pi All-in-One Project Kit

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Back in 2014, I met this interesting guy named Dan at the Atlanta Maker Faire; he was selling these very eye-catching electronics kits that were housed in secret-agent style briefcases. The product was called ArduinoKit, and I was absolutely amazed at how well Dan had designed the primary board that holds all the various components as well as a single Arduino Nano. I got a review unit to play with, and I wrote up about the device for GeekDad. Not too long after that, Dan provided me with a test unit of a smaller product called DuinoKit Jr (review here).

Dan’s done well with the DuinoKit–it’s now a featured product in many of those science-y catalogs many of us get in the mail–but he hasn’t slowed down. Dan reached out to me a few weeks back to inform me of an upcoming Kickstarter he’s created for a new product: the Raspberry Pi Kit, or RPiKit.

This kit is very similar to the ArduinoKit, but instead of an Arduino Nano, the kit provides a Raspberry Pi v3 (!) and a single color WiFi Tablet LCD screen as well as the following components:

Metal case, RC522 RFID Module, ID Card, Special-shaped ID Card, LCD1602, PS2 Joystick Module , Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module, Triaxial Accelerometer Sensor Module (ADXL345), DHT-11 (Digital Temperature & Humidity sensor), ADC0832, Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor Driver Module (Based on ULN2003A), L9110 motor driver, DC Motor, 4*4 Matrix Keyboard, 40-pin GPIO Extension Board, 40-pin GPIO Cable, Light Sensor (Photoresistor), Analog Temperature Sensor (Thermistor), Relay, Active Buzzer, Passive Buzzer, 7-Segment Display, 4-bit 7-segment Display, LED Bar Graph Display, Dot-matrix Display, 74HC595 x2, Tilt Switch, various Switches and Buttons, RGB LED, various Resistors, 2x Potentiometer (10KΩ), various Capacitors, various Diodes, various Transistors, Breadboard, 150 Male to Male Jumper Wires

If all that is a bit overwhelming, just take a look at the photo below–that should be enough to convince those of you who have been considering learning to design and program with the Raspberry Pi (or maybe have a child or spouse who has).

The Kickstarter has 41 days left (at the time I write this), so plenty of time for you to watch the intro video, post any questions you may have, and then back this amazing kit. Makerspaces and STEM teachers… this one is for you! An all-in-one kit for teaching yourself… all tucked into a carrying case. Estimated delivery is August 2016, just in time for the start of school, too!

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  1. New Kickstarter — RPiKit, The Raspberry Pi All-in-One Project Kit

    is that available for sell, if so where can i get it from? i would like get it for my son.. 🙂

    advise me please as it look so cool.

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