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Eminent Domain: Escalation — Kickstarter Kountdown

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Eminent Domain

Just a quick note to remind any of you who might be looking for a new game to play that the Emininent Domain: Escalation Kickstarter has less than 36 hours left. It’s already raised enough funds to make it happen, but Tasty Minstrel Games has succeeded in raising enough additional funds to cover some great stretch goals. (And there are a couple more stretch goals left to reach!)

I missed the first Kickstarter for the original game, Eminent Domain, but thankfully backers (and I’m in that crowd) of Escalation can also add on a copy of the original game by pledging a minimum of $50.00US ($25 will get you just the expansion). That will get you a copy of both Eminent Domain and Eminent Domain: Escalation. Escalation does require the original game, so remember — this is an expansion Kickstarter, not an original game.

Below is a list of what’s included in the Escalation expansion, but be sure to check out the complete Kickstarter for videos on how the game is played. The project just hit the $70,000 mark which unlocked the Promo Pack that has a bunch of additional cards/content for the game.

Backers of Eminent Domain: Escalation will get the following in their copies of Escalation (This includes the stretch rewards unlocked):

15  Planet Cards  (Civilized x6, Hostile x3, Bustling x6)

6  Start Planet Tiles

5  Fleet Tiles

32 New Technology Cards (Advanced x9, Fertile x9, Metallic x9, Diverse x5)

18 Scenario Cards – Abundance, Battlecruiser, Scientific Discovery, Spoils of War, Colony Ship, Knowledge is Power, Overseer, Streamlined, Biosphere, Arms Dealer, Destroyer, Black Market, Explorer, Scorched Earth, Artificial Intelligence, Fertile Ground, Imperialism and Warmonger.

28  Role Cards (5 Players Now Supported)

1  Player Aid Tile

2 Central Display Errata Stickers (Warfare icon, Survey Icon)

3  Errata Cards (Logistics, Abundance, Bureaucracy)

PROMO PACK (FREE FOR BACKERS) – 2 Additional Scenario Cards – Iconoclast & Double Trouble

PROMO PACK (FREE FOR BACKERS) – Prestige Start Planet


PROMO PACK (FREE FOR BACKERS) – Military/Economic Alternate Victory Condition Card

As I said, watch the video on the project’s home page that demonstrates how the game is played. It impressed me enough to back at a level where I could get the original game and the expansion. And if funding hits $100,000, TMG is throwing in 9 Bonus Planets that came with the original Eminent Domain Kickstarter. (That $100k level also gets foil-stamped signatures on both original game and expansion game boxes.) Check it out and decide fast — the clock is counting.

via Eminent Domain: Escalation aka “ED:E” by Michael Mindes — Kickstarter.

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