sms star wars headphones

SMS Audio Celebrates Star Wars Day in Spectacular Style

I am not, generally speaking, a vanity electronics kind of guy. I have thus been able to avoid the siren’s call of the now ubiquitous Beats by Dre headphones. However, when SMS Audio contacted me about a special version of their STREET by 50 line – rapper 50 Cent’s own take on high-performance, fashion-forward headphones – released with Star Wars fans in mind, I had to take a listen.

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May Fourth Lego

Order of Worship for Star Wars Sunday

When you hear “May the Force be with you,” those of you who grew up going to liturgical services might have the urge to respond: “And also with you.” My friend Jeremy Smith is both a Methodist minister and a huge Star Wars fan. This year, since May 4th falls on a Sunday, he prepared an order of worship, appropriate for either Jedi or Sith services.

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Vader's Little Princess

Star Wars Day Gift Guide

With Star Wars Day just around the corner (May the Fourth be with you!), it’s time to make sure you have an appropriately themed gift for your loved ones. What? You don’t buy presents for each other on Star Wars Day? Well, maybe you’ll change your mind after you see this list we compiled.

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