Star Wars Sunshade Is the Perfect Combination of Useful and Awesome

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I hope I don’t disillusion anyone, but the odds of you ever getting to sit in the cockpit of the actual Millennium Falcon are pretty low. The odds of you getting to sit there with Han, Luke, Chewie, and Obi-Wan are even lower. And that’s only partly because the ship and characters are fictional, and you’re presumably not.

The Star Wars Accordion Sunshade from is not going to change those odds, but it will get you as close as you’re ever likely to be to the real (fictional) thing. It acts just like most car sunshades you’re used to: folding up in a nice slim accordion when not in use, and then expanding so it can be put across the inside of your vehicle’s windshield to prevent the interior from getting a Tatooine-like temperature. The key difference is that this sunshade makes it look from the outside like the interior of your car is the Falcon’s cockpit and that Han, Chewie, Luke, and Obi-Wan are sitting in it on their way to the dust cloud that used to be Alderaan. Obviously, nobody old enough to have seen the movie is going to be fooled into actually believing it, but what geek of any age would fail to think it awesome?

The site has a ton of other Star Wars automobile-related merchandise, from floor mats to hitch covers to keychains to garage stools – yes, you can put Boba Fett’s helmeted face in your pocket, or sit on it, or both.


The Millennium Falcon sunshade sells for $19.99; the Boba Fett keychain (along with several others) sells for $3.99; and the Boba Fett stool (along with several others) sells for $59.99. is having a 50% off sale this Sunday for Star Wars Day, which brings the sunshade down to about $10, which would be hard for me to pass up if I didn’t already have one.

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Note: I was provided with free review copies of the sunshade and several keychains by The views expressed here are entirely my own.

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  1. Sun shield purchased in less than 12 parsecs. (That’s Earth-speak for immediately.)

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