Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Geek Holiday?

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Pi Day Image
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

This week, geeks around the world will celebrate, or at least commemorate, Pi Day. And that got us to thinking about the other geeky “holidays” that have popped up on the calendar. What’s your favorite?

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Last Week’s Result

(Technically, two week’s ago result, since life got in the way of posting last week. Sorry about that.)

Our reader’s favorite Pixar Oscar winner was The Incredibles, taking 37% of the votes. Wall-E had a strong second at 22%, with UpFinding Nemo, and Inside Out all bunched up at 11 and 12%. Toy Story 3 was a close sixth with 8%, and Ratatouille behind it at 6%. Not surprisingly, Brave came in last with only 3%.

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