In Search of Einstein? Head to Princeton

Pi Day is a big deal in Princeton, NJ. The town hosts an annual weekend-long extravaganza featuring pi recitation competitions, Albert Einstein look-alike contests, a slew of running, biking, and walking events, and even a pi-rade. Unfortunately, this year’s event was held March 12-13 and my daughter is a purist. So, we made our pilgrimage on that frigid, rainy Monday instead.

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3.14 Pancakes for Pi Day

It’s Time to Celebrate Pi Day

Can you imagine a  better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon, the one just before Pi day, than by going to a Pi day celebration at your local university? Well, my eleven-year-old and nine-year-old sons agreed with me that they simply could not, so they donned their Pi Day t-shirts, hopped in the momivan, […]

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Bookmark This For 2012 Fun

  January 13:  Friday the 13th The upcoming year offers us three chances to enjoy Friday the 13th.    What a great reason to read a scary book and show a scary movie. It’s also a perfect opportunity to make some creepy foods that normally only show up at Halloween parties. We suggest meatball mice, breadstick fingers, […]

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