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Pi Day Fashion Alert: Pi Bow Tie

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The perfect accessory for the well-rounded GeekDad.

Pi Day is coming up, and if you’re the kind of geeky dad who likes to dress up to celebrate mathematical holidays (or you know someone who is), then you’re in luck. The Speicher Tie Company, purveyors of some really great bow ties (we’ve written about them before), has your Pi Day fashion needs covered with their handcrafted Pi Bow Ties.

Chalkboard Pi Bow Tie
Chalkboard Pi Bow Tie

This mathematical tie comes in two colors, the Chalkboard Pi Bow Tie and the Red Apple Pi Bow Tie.

Red Apple Pi Bow Tie
Red Apple Pi Bow Tie

Each tie sells for $25 and is available in both pre-tied and self-tie varieties, as well as a youth pre-tied version.

Chalkboard Pi Self-tie Bow Tie
The Chalkboard Pi Bow Tie, self-tie version.

And if Pi Day is not your thing (no judgement), the Speicher Tie Company has plenty of other geeky bow ties to choose from.

Bonus! Bow Tie Tying Tutorial

What’s that? Don’t know how to tie a bow tie? No problem–Speicher Tie Company’s own Adam Speicher has a great step-by-step video guide on how to master the art of bow tie tying. It’s easier than you think!

Images via Speicher Tie Company.

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  1. Here is some music for Pi Day: the “Pi Acres Suite”, Op. 3.14159…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2KmzXHu-G0&list=PL066ECE40B2A16016&index=28

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