Scoot Around on Your Xootr

Image: Xootr
Image: Xootr

I never jumped on the Razor scooter bandwagon a few years ago. I’m definitely late to the scooter party. But now I think I’m spoiled against all other scooters.

Recently, I tried out the Xootr Mg, and it was a great experience. Not only does it look good, but with a large, all-magnesium deck that is very low to the ground for easy scooting, riding on this scooter was a dream. My daughter and I took turns gliding up and down the street. She is much more practiced at the art of scooting, but even I felt secure on the Xootr.

The hard¬†polyurethane wheels are large for good stability, and the dual brakes–one on the rear fender and the other operated by a lever on the front–allow for quick, safe braking.

Feel free to settle in for a long ride, as well. The Xootr’s sturdy construction and cushy hand holds will keep you comfortable, whether you’re scooting around town or just around your block. When you’re done, the quick-release handlebar lever starts the folding down process quickly, but to fold the stem itself down, it takes some additional steps with metal pegs. This, however, keeps the scooter stem safely upright while riding.

The Xootr retails for $269 with the fender/rear brake option, and is a great scooter for larger kids and adults alike. If you want a high quality scooter that will be used for more than just a few hours during the summer, this beast can handle just about anything you throw at it.

Image: Xootr
Image: Xootr

Also, if you need portability but have to go farther than you could on a scooter, the company also makes a relatively light (25 pounds) folding bike that’s relatively affordable, too ($799!). It folds in 5-10 seconds.

I was loaned the Xootr Mg for review purposes.

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