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A long time ago … in, say, the mid-1970s … shoes weren’t really the kind of things that got a kid excited.

But then, we never had light-up Star Wars sneakers.

Just in time for Star Wars Day tomorrow, Stride Rite has launched its “Trilogy of the Lights” collection of tennis shoes, all of which include lights that flash with each footstep. (Stride Rite is actually running a 25% off promotion on the shoes and doing some Star Wars-themed giveaways this entire weekend.)

These, of course, add a little bit of that old Force magic. (And by that I mean lights, not midi-you-know-whats.)

  • The Morphing Lightsaber shoes allow the wearer to toggle the glowing blades between green and red
  • Clone Captain Rex 2.0 mimics a clone trooper helmet and illuminates the faceplate with a silhouette of Rex
  • And my favorite, the Jedi to Sith, actually switches its flashing lights between blue and red, depending on whether you’re walking in the light or in the shadows.

Stride Rite supplied GeekDad with a pair of each, and my three nephews went absolutely bonkers for the things:

As you can see, the shadows don’t have to be incredibly dark to trigger the Sith lights. (We were also thinking this pair could make a good outside play timer, as in, “You can stay out until your shoes turn to the Dark Side.”)

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  1. Adult sizes? I can’t even find a size 4 to fit my seven year old son. As far as I can tell, they all stop at size 3.

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