Darth Vader Shoes

The Force Is Strong… With These Shoes

I don’t get an opportunity to surprise my son much these days when it comes to Star Wars. He’s seen all of the LEGO Star Wars kits and there’s just not a lot of new products floating around that make his eyes spark. That’s why I was so happy to completely surprise him a few weeks ago when he came home from camp. Sitting on top of the dining table was a green Star Wars shoebox with Yoda’s image on it. “Is that for me?” he asked.

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Anakin Skywalker’s New Shoes

When Anakin was a young boy, he must have been outfitted with shoes from the Stride Rite on Tatooine. These children’s shoes are the latest in the Star Wars collection offered by Stride Rite. This latest collection was designed especially for the youngling that isn’t sure wether they are destined to be a Jedi or a Sith. The shoes are designed with color morphing lightsabers! Younglings can explore both sides of the force equally before they must choose.

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Spider-Man Swings Into Stride Rite

Spider-Man swings into Stride Rite this year with their latest Spider-Man line. My last experience with Stride Rite shoes was not the greatest, so when I was asked if I wanted to check these out, I was a little scared. Since my son is a huge Spider-Man fan, I decided to let him give them a try. If anyone could quality test shoes, it’s my 6-year old son.

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