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Order of Worship for Star Wars Sunday

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May Fourth Lego
Photo: Flickr user Simon Q, used under Creative Commons License

When you hear “May the Force be with you,” those of you who grew up going to liturgical services might have the urge to respond: “And also with you.” My friend Jeremy Smith is both a Methodist minister and a huge Star Wars fan. This year, since May 4th falls on a Sunday, he prepared an order of worship, appropriate for either Jedi or Sith services. Of course, they’re based on Episodes 4, 5, and 6, but he does make some allowances for those who “celebrate the heresy of the Prequels.”

Whether your Star Wars Day includes a worship service or not, I hope you enjoy this alternative liturgy designed for a galaxy maybe not so far, far away.

The Music of Star WarsAnd while you’re at it, check out this Star Wars Day playlist, put together by Rdio. You’ll have to sign in to hear the full tracks, but here’s the playlist:

  1. Main Title from Star Wars – John Williams
  2. The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) – John Williams
  3. Princess Leia’s Theme – John Williams
  4. Yoda’s Theme – John Williams
  5. Binary Sunset (Alternate) (Medley) – London Symphony Orchestra; John Williams
  6. Han Solo and the Princess – John Williams
  7. The Asteroid Field – John Williams
  8. The Throne Room/End Title (Medley) – John Williams
  9. Duel of the Fates from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace – John Williams; London Voices
  10. The Emperor Arrives/The Death of Yoda/Obi-Wan’s Revelation (Medley) – John Williams
  11. Anakin’s Betrayal (Episode III – Revenge of the Sith) – Global Stage Orchestra
  12. Cantina Band – John Williams
  13. The Forest Battle (Concert Suite) – John Williams
  14. Victory Celebration/End Title (Medley) – John Williams

May the Fourth be with you!

[via Hacking Christianity]

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