The Sport of Vaccination

Not getting vaccinated is like playing a game against a team of vampires. They are bigger, stronger, and faster. The odds are in their favor, and it will undoubtedly wear you out to beat them. But even if you do beat them, there’s a good chance someone from that team of vampires will wander off into the stands to attack someone else.

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Improv is Resilient

Improv Is Resilient

We all want the best for our kids. To be happy; To be smart; To be healthy; To be educated. The latest buzzword in parenting is “resilient”: we all want our kids to survive. Because in life, when you get knocked down, you need to get up again – swinging. But how do we instill resilience? What’s the magic potion that raises your survival stats +10? The answer may lie in improvisation.

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Adventuring With My Kids, ‘Adventure Maximus’-Style

For quite a few weeks now, I’ve been enjoying spinning some fun tales and leading my boys through some fun adventures with the ‘Adventure Maximus’ RPG. As kids will do, they constantly surprise me with their creativity for dealing with obstacles. (Rather than fight a dragon hiding in The Dump, they sweet-talked him into joining their group because they are always looking for treasure like dragons and figured he’d rather be looking for treasure than fighting.) But yesterday, my youngest son asked me something that made my heart swell… he said, “I want to be Maximus Master.”

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Coding In Scratch: Games Workbook

'Coding in Scratch: Games Workbook' — Programming for Young Coders

Since teaching some basic programming camps over the last two summers, I’ve had requests from parents of younger children for a similar type of camp, but it won’t be happening in 2016. That said, in order to even consider the request, I’ve been examining various apps and books to see just how I might go about introducing programming concepts to a younger audience. I’ve been looking for something to recommend to parents as a simple way to gauge the interest of a child in programming without being overly complicated or lengthy. The solution I found came from DK Publishing.

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Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge: And Back to School We Go

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Summer is waning. Even here in North Carolina, where the hot season tends to linger a little longer than I’d like, we’ve had hints of autumn. My daughter just started preschool, and my son is back to school next week. But they had some great times this summer—we traveled, we relaxed (well, at least they did), and we immersed ourselves in some great books.

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