Coding Adventures

Tynker: Visual Game Programming Tools For Kids

I’m teaching a bunch of technology camps this summer, and one of the camps I’m most looking forward to is Beginning Game Programming. My goal is to introduce the students to the basic concepts of programming but also to give them hands-on time with as many game development platforms as we can fit into the week.

One of the tools that I’m definitely going to introduce to the students is Tynker. If you’re not familiar with it and have a student who is showing strong interesting in creating his or her own games, you’ll definitely want to check out their website.

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New Kickstarter Alert — Bitsbox Teaches Kids Programming

A few weeks ago my oldest son (age 7) came up to me and asked one of those questions that many parents dread — “Dad, can you teach me to program?” While I’m half-kidding, I’m also half-serous. I’m not a programmer! I have some training (mainly in college, but some self-taught) and I’m comfortable hunting down a book when I need it, but, when it comes to teaching my son, I’m really at a loss. What I’d like to do is find a way to make programming fun and interesting, but also something he can do on his own or at least with me watching over his shoulder but providing minimum assistance.

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AM Box

Planning an Adventure (Maximus)!!

I’m having some real fun right now. My oldest son, age 7, has been aware for quite a few weeks now that I’m planning something for him. Something big. Something new. Something adventurous! Oh, and he gets to invite a bunch of friends to participate, too. School is starting this week, and I’m going to give him a chance to pick a handful of his new classmates to come over and play a game together — Adventure Maximus.

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GeekDad Crowdstorming — Assembling An Ultimate Kid Craft Box (Plus Contest!)

Geek dads and moms… I need your help. My son’s 7th birthday is around the corner, and although my wife and I have gift ideas that he’s provided to us, I find myself wanting to offer him something that will feed his creativity. For some time now, he’s shown a solid interest in just making things. Duct tape, scissors, glue… these are his tools. Construction paper, string, cardboard, popsicle sticks… these are his materials.

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The Animation Adventure — Become a Hero!

My son came home from school recently and I sat him down in front of the TV and told him I had a huge surprise for him. I popped in a DVD and pressed play at the menu and he got to see a 2.5 minute long movie preview featuring his alter ego, D-Man. It was Decker’s face, Decker’s smile, and it was Decker fighting off the bad guy, Hazzardus, and his army, taking down some aerial baddies, and really pulling off the Titanium SUPER-suit. When the movie preview ended, three little words were music to my ears — “Play it again.”

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