Puro earbuds

GeekDad Review: Puro IEM-500 Earbuds

When it comes to listening to music using headphones, on-ear or over-ear cans are my thing. I’m not a fan of earbuds. They never seem to fit quite right and always feel as though they’re on the verge of falling out. I don’t like contact lenses either, so maybe it boils down to just an aversion against poking stuff directly at sensory organs.

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Zipbuds SLIDE

GeekDad Review: Zipbuds SLIDE, Tangle-Free Earbuds

Last year I reviewed an interesting set of earbuds from Zipbuds, a company that promised “tangle free” listening through use of an innovative zipper system. They lived up to the promise. Zipbuds has a new product they sent for me to test, SLIDE earbuds featuring “Zipperless Zipper technology” that’s claimed to retain the tangle-free appeal of the originals while cutting down on weight and bulk.

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Grain Audio's wlanut cup OHEP headphones

GeekDad Review: Grain Audio OHEP Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones

If you follow the world of Kickstarter campaigns, you’ve probably heard of Grain Audio. The brainchild of “two ex-Altec Lansing guys, an architect/furniture designer and a liquor industry operational expert,” Grain Audio raised over $155k (well over the $120k goal) to produce a line-up of premium audio gear featuring solid wood design. I was sent a pair of OHEP Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones featuring FSC certified walnut ear cups to try out. The wood certainly makes for an attractive set of headphones, but does it make them sound better?

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HoM Liberate XLBT

GeekDad Review: House of Marley Liberate XLBT Headphones

I’m a fan of House of Marley gear, especially the company’s use of natural materials (yeah, I’m a sucker for the use of wood in high tech gear) and willingness to release interesting products like the Roots Rock Bluetooth speaker. Marley audio products don’t just sound good; by combining natural materials like leather, bamboo, and aluminum with recycled cloth and skipping the usual form factors, they stand out visually in a crowd. House of Marley recently sent me a pair of Liberate XLBT Bluetooth headphones to try out. They look good, feel good, and sound good, making for a compelling alternative to some of the more mainstream competitors.

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Sleephones pajamas for your ears

GeekDad Review: SleepPhones Wireless Headphones

My wife asked for a pair of headphones last Christmas, but the ones she had her mind set on were SleepPhones from Acoustic Sheep. They look like a fuzzy headband and use the tagline “pajamas for your ears.” I tried to talk her into a pair of Sennheiser Momentum’s instead—they were priced the same as the wireless SleepPhones on Amazon at the time as part of a flash sale—but she wasn’t interested. As something of a music geek, I couldn’t fathom choosing snugly over sound, but she ended up with the SleepPhones and has been absolutely thrilled with them.

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Puro kids wireless headphones

Puro BT2200: The Wireless Headphones You Want for Kids

I have two running battles with my music-loving teenage daughter. The first is her ability to destroy headphones. She has chewed through a half-dozen sets of ear buds and headphones in the past year alone. The primary point of failure in all cases has been the cable connecting the headphones to her iPhone. The second issue — and one that I’m sure all parents have some concerns about — is volume. She plays that music loud and I have concerns about hearing damage. Puro Sound Labs sent a pair of new studio grade Bluetooth wireless headphones aimed at kids and they do an admirable job of solving both of my issues. Unlike many headphones aimed at kids, these look good and sound even better.

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