Affordable Bluetooth headphones from 1More

1More MK802: Really Good Bluetooth Headphones at a Great Price

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Affordable Bluetooth headphones from 1More
1More MK802 Bluetooth headphones offer premium look, great wireless sound, extra features and an affordable price (Photo by Brad Moon)

Shopping for new headphones and hoping to ditch the tangle of wires? Maybe you’re looking for headphones with one less fragile component for a teenager to accidentally rip out? Perhaps you ordered an iPhone 7 and are facing Apple’s “no headphone jack allowed” future. Whatever the reason, if you want to go wireless with your audio, check out the MK802 over-ear Bluetooth headphones from 1More. They offer very good sound, cool extra features, attractive design, and an affordable price.

I reviewed 1More’s MK801 over-ear headphones a while back and I still think they offer great value.

But I like the MK802s even better.

The look is almost identical, including the metallic Fire Engine Red of my testers. Same build quality, comfort, and adjustability. But these are Bluetooth, with aptX encoding and 15-hour battery life. Despite being wireless, they sound as good—if not better—than the already impressive MK801s thanks to the addition of Beryllium drivers and a very handy bass adjustment switch that lets you pump up or fade the low end on the fly.

If you need to go wired, you can still plug in with the included color coordinated Kevlar-core cable with in-line remote and mic for taking voice calls.

The 1More MK802s also offer some cool extras when used in tandem with 1More’s free iOS and Android app. You can run the headphones through an automated burn-in process and parents can set a volume limit on the headphones. You can even assign select apps like Apple Music to launch on your mobile device at the touch of the 1More button on the headset. So you literally don’t need to touch your smartphone to listen to music—launch the app, skip tracks, control volume, and even adjust the bass using the headphones alone.

If you compare the MK802s to Apple’s latest Bluetooth headphone offering, the Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, the Beats do have some advantages. They fold for more compact carrying, Apple’s new M1 chip makes sharing among multiple Apple devices easier, and battery life is much better at up to 40 hours. However, the 1More MK802 headphones hold their own in terms of offering a premium look and delivering custom-tuned, high-quality audio. Plus they offer their own advantages like the bass switch and volume limiting capability.

The new Beats go for $300, while the 1More MK802s are half that (and currently just $125 on Amazon). As long as you aren’t stuck on the Beats logo, that’s a great price for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that won’t disappoint.

Disclosure: 1More supplied headphones for review purposes.

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