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Celebrate May the Fourth With ‘Star Wars’ Second Edition Headphones

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second edition headphones

I watch Star Wars religiously–meaning, in my case, at irregular intervals and more out of a sense of obligation than any enduring passion. Still, I do have a lingering love for many of the classic characters that so defined my childhood, and I do my best to occasionally allow myself to indulge in a genuine (if measured) celebration of their iconic images.

This can take the form of picking up of a clever item of clothing, an encore viewing of Empire, or even the odd dabbling in newer Star Wars fare. For me, though, my favorite Star Wars-related find in recent years remains my First Edition Stars Wars headphones from SMS Audio.

For this May the Fourth, SMS is back with a brand new crop of Second Edition cans. Just like the originals, these foldable over-ear headphones feature leather memory foam ear cushions and professionally tuned 40mm drivers wrapped in unmistakable Star Wars style.

This time around designs are specifically inspired by R2-D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and, possibly my favorite, the TIE Fighter. A proper review will be forthcoming, but, if this line is anything like its predecessor, I expect lush, full sound combined with phenomenal comfort.

These Star Wars Second Edition headphones are available for pre-order now–they’ll ship between May 18th and 24th–via SMS Audio’s own online store. Just like the previous models, they come in specialty packaging along with an embossed carrying case, matching detachable 3-click mic cable, cleaning cloth, poster, sticker sheet, and a bonus t-shirt. SMS has also seen fit to knock the MSRP down a cold 20 bucks, to an asking price of $179.95.

As far as designer headphones go, SMS continues to be my personal favorite with regard to everything from style and performance to plain ol’ durability. And these would certainly make a perfect gift for the Star Wars fan you love–even an obvious backslider like me.

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