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Review: ‘The Fangirl’s Guide to The Galaxy’

Review: ‘The Fangirl’s Guide to The Galaxy’

There are some books whose titles that don’t just grab your attention, they leap up and lock your attention in a choke hold until you start reading them. ‘The Fangirl’s Guide to The Galaxy’ by Sam Maggs, released today, is one of those titles. The second I spotted the book, and its amazing cover, I knew I had to read it right then and there. Read More

Out-Geeked by a Lady

A few days ago, during a rather Star Trek-filled conversation between him and myself, one of my husband’s friends looked around in confusion, then said to my husband, “I am about to be out-geeked by a lady.” What he doesn’t know is that I, and so many ladies like myself, may “out-geek” him in a… Read More

GeekMom Secrets Origins: Delphine Imbert

The word geek does actually exist in French. It’s even pronounced the same. But it came quite late. So did the other words depicting who I am, such as nerd. But there’s a lovely French word for “RPG player”: rôliste. And I’m a rôliste, since many, many years. So I figured I could be playful… Read More

Warrior Princesses!

When I started contributing to this blog, I knew I would feel at home, even though I’m a Geek Mom among Geek Dads. But I’ve quickly discovered that there are a lot more Geek Moms out there than I thought. … Read More