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Geek Girls Everywhere Have Nothing to Prove

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This morning The Doubleclicks released the fan-sourced video for “Nothing to Prove,” a standout track from their new Lasers and Feelings full-length. It features women (and a few men) from a wide range of nerdy disciplines holding signs that succinctly explain who they are, why they love what they love and, most importantly, why their gender doesn’t somehow relegate them to second-class geek status.

The ‘Clicks actually received more submissions than they had room for, and you can view stills from some of this bonus footage – not to mention submit your own statement of geeky affirmation – at the #nothingtoprove Tumblr.

Check it out via the embed below, and I dare you not to laugh at the Batman riff at 2:17!

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1 thought on “Geek Girls Everywhere Have Nothing to Prove

  1. I became a geek in 1971 when I opened a box of Avalon Hill’s Afrika Corps and realized people who are odd can be people who are fun. I learned to play D&D in the Navy.
    My wife doesn’t get it, but my daughter, studying to be a lawyer, loves MMORPGs, Star Wars and Trek and plays Heroclix. My granddaughter, at 3, loves Batman and can sing the theme to The Big Bang Theory. She also tends to yell “bazinga” at inappropriate times.
    Thank you for a song to celebrate them. I laughed and cried.

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