Warrior Princesses!


When I started contributing to this blog, I knew I would feel at home, even though I’m a Geek Mom among Geek Dads.

But I’ve quickly discovered that there are a lot more Geek Moms out there than I thought.

Case in point: this photo was sent to me by Vanessa, a GeekDad reader:

Warrior Princesses!Warrior Princesses!Warrior Princesses!

“My daughter recently got into Disney princesses. Then she found my warrior princess action figures. Now she talks about Princess Leia and Xena. I think this is good, at least in geek-land,” Vanessa said.

The full post about her three-year-old daughter’s love of the new additions to her princess collection is here. Who knew Belle and Aerith could peacefully coexist? And I’m in total envy of her daughter getting to play with Scully and Xena. I’m sure there’s a fanfic in there somewhere….

Vanessa said her daughter particularly loves that Aerith rides a giant chicken. Now, if there was only a toy of Wonder Girl riding a giant Kanga. I’d totally buy that for me, er, my youngest daughter.

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