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Point Clicking: Awesome Adventure Game Fan Art

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Point Clicking
Adventure game art by Jon Kristinsson. Clockwise from top left: Lilly Looking Through, Sam & Max, The Room, Machinarium

Jon Kristinsson loves point-and-click adventure games, but he doesn’t just play them: he creates fun fan art based on them. Kristinsson is a Denmark-based illustrator (and animator), and the Point Clicking site has dozens of illustrations based on games both old and new—even one of Zork (which, yes, isn’t point-and-click but is worth a mention). It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Tiny Adventures—showing various characters as babies—is pretty darn cute. Awww, look at the widdle gween tentacle!

Kickstarter-funded Lilly Looking Through and Armikrog both make appearances, and there are several Telltale Games’ titles as well. The Room, a puzzle-type game that Jim Kelly has written about before, gets some love, and the robot musicians from Machinarium (a family favorite) are there, too. Sam & Max Hit the Road was one I remember from high school (which then led me to look up the old Sam & Max comics). And so many others, including several I don’t recognize and will have to go find, I think.

Tiny Adventures
Tiny Adventures by Jon Kristinsson

Seriously, though, go check out the rest!

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