Note: Due to the nature of these outtakes, they include some mild swearing.

As a thank you to our loyal viewers for FGTV Season 1, here is our outtake reel to prove that things don’t always go as planned. FGTV will be back with Season 2 in February 2012. Have a very happy festive holiday.

If you’ve missed our previous episodes here’s a quick run down of the family gaming fun we’ve had this year:

Episode 1.1: Pestridge Family Try Kinect
Episode 1.2: Pestridge Family Kinect Favs
Episode 1.3: Pestridge Family Tries PS3
Episode 1.4: Skylanders visit in San Francisco
Episode 1.5: Emmens Dad Kids Starts Gaming
Episode 1.6: Pestridge Mum Talks Kinect
Episode 1.7: Pestridge Super Young Gamers
Episode 1.8: Pestridge Dad uDraw and 3DS
Episode 1.9: Pestridge Mum tries Mario 3DS
Episode 1.10: Pestridge Mum Skylanders
Episode 1.11: Emmens Family Lego Games
Episode 1.12: Your Shape Fitness Part 1
Episode 1.13: Your Shape Fitness Part 2
Episode 1.14: Pestridge Mum Disneyland
Episode 1.15: Emmens Try Forza 4
Episode 1.16: Emmens iPad Gaming
Episode 1.17: Emmens Try 3DS and Mario
Episode 1.18: Guided Tour of the DS
Episode 1.19: Mum’s Gaming Reality check
Episode 1.20: Emmens Plays Kinectimals

We’ve really enjoyed meeting new families as they start gaming, and learning from them firsthand about what works and what doesn’t work. We’ll be back next year with new families, games and shows to keep you up to date with the world of family gaming. If you think there is something we should cover in season 2 get in touch via Twitter (@FamilyGamerTV or @GeekDadGamer).

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