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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Game of Energy

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“In just a few years, the world will be plunged into turmoil. Countries around the world will panic, widespread chaos will ensue, and civilized society will change virtually overnight as citizens cope with the loss of a modern-day vital resource. A resource needed for commerce. A resource needed for communication. A resource needed for life-sustaining technology. A resource needed for even simple comfort. The resource… is energy.”

GoE Alert
Kickstarter Tabletop Alert – Game of Energy

Game designer Nathan Wright’s Game of Energy re-launched yesterday on Kickstarter! The new campaign is streamlined with three rewards tiers, and the game itself has been polished as well. They’ve also included several stretch goals for improving the components, as well as a score tracking app. If you’ve ever wanted to be an energy baron, there’s even an add-on to buy a Captains of Industry card with your own face on it!

Playing a game
My wife and I playing with designer Nathan Wright. Photo from Nathan Wright. Used with permission.

This past summer, I had the chance to play this wonderful game of resource management geared toward teaching players about the economics and environmental impacts of generating the electrical power we use every day. Players compete to construct energy production facilities in several different biomes, scoring points for the amount of energy generated and limiting the impact on the environment. The game relies on area control and resource management mechanics, supports up to four players and takes about an hour to play the first time. Gameplay, while straightforward, allows for significant variation in strategy, and players must balance the physical footprint of their structures with cost and energy generation.

This game is fun, plays quickly, and conveys the message of energy conservation and stewardship without beating you over the head. If you’re interested, check out Kickstarter or the Game of Energy website for more information

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