Tasha Posts for Father’s Day


Given that my normal GeekDad writing day is Sunday, my kids decided to give me the day off, fully.  The boys volunteered Natasha, my 8 year old daughter, to write up a little something for me -that would free up some time so that Jon, Aidan and I could try out the Super Soakers they gave me for Father’s Day.  I stayed out of Tasha’s way, except to snap a quick photo of her at work.  Note that the Webkinz dragon by my keyboard is Tasha’s, not mine.  Honestly…  Hope all the dads out there had as great a day as I did!

Hi.  My name is Natasha Moon.  My dad is Brad Moon.  My favorite mythical creature is a Dragon.  I love Webkinz.  You can unlock them online and you get three items.  The Webkinz dragon is the newest and I have one named Sparkle.  You can adopt as many Webkinz as you want, but some are going to be retired.   One of my favorite Webkinz cats is the Siamese.  Me and my dad went to Chapters to get a book called Dragonology.   I gave my dad a Dragon model for his office.

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