I Love Spore (and I Haven’t Even Played the Game Yet)

Geek Culture

Cre_jugglepig067df223_smlCre_jugglepig067df223_smlSo I got the link to download and install the Spore Creature Creator on Friday afternoon, but the evening conspired against me to keep me from trying it until Saturday.  Damn, that was a hard wait.

If the gameplay is as fun and creative as the tool for building your creatures, this game is going to knock the socks off everyone.

In only a couple hours of playing in the Creature Creator, I’ve already built over a dozen fun creatures, each with its own distinctive look and behavior.  What really impresses is how much you can do with the creatures – especially when you consider that once you’ve built it, it renders into what will be a fully-playable aspect of the game.

I’ll give a more detailed walk-thru of the tool once I have the Mac client up and running in the next couple days, but for now, a gallery of the creatures I’ve built so far will have to do. The Creature Creator will be available starting June 17th at Spore.com.









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