California State Yo-Yo Championships Coming Up

Geek Culture

If you or yours are at all interested in yo-yos, this sounds like an event well worth putting on the calendar. The California State Yo-Yo championships are happening on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 10am to 4pm at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Not only will you get a chance to see some of the best yo-yo action around, but there’s lots of other yo-yo activities planned. From the press release:

In keeping with California’s rich yo-yo heritage, this competition promises to be one of the best venues to witness all that is yo-yo.
Museum visitors can also participate in a Yo-Yo Tricks Clinic, in which yo-yo novices can learn basic yo-yo techniques from experts. Enjoy contestants performing up to 25 tricks that might include "Walk the
Dog," "Boingy Boingy," and "Atom Smasher."

Not that you need an excuse to visit the Exploratorium, a place that should be on every Bay Area Geekdad’s weekend getaway list. But on Sept. 6 you’ll get the added bonus of seeing some serious yo-yo action. This is an American Yo-Yo Association sanctioned event and the winners will go on to compete in next year’s regional tournament.

(Photo (c) The Exploratorium, / Photo Credit, Amy Snyder)

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