New Howtoons Site and Book!

Geek Culture

The popular Howtoons cartoon that is featured in Make and Craft magazines now has a spiffy new web site. You’ll find some cool projects for kids there, illustrated in a fun and engaging fashion. The site is more than just a reproduction of the project-based cartoon series, it also features a blog, a helpful glossary, some interesting wikipedia entries, and of course rss feeds. And there’s a Howtoons book coming out soon.

Howtoons is dedicated to the DIY kids world of science, engineering, art and crafts. The Howtoons universe was created by Saul Griffith, Nick Dragotta, and Joost Bonsen.  They started out creating DIY projects thru the language of comics.  Their work can be seen in Make and Craft magazine and the upcoming 114 page book published by HarperCollins.  The book contains 16 How-To projects such as marshmallow shooter, turkey-bastor flutes, and soda bottle rockets.  The book will be available in bookstores Nov. 07.

Now comes to the web with the help of Ryan McKinley and Phil Torrone. The site aims to inspire kids to build and create thru single page webcomics with downloadable PDF’s, an exciting blog, a library referencing great stuff on the web, and a legends section linked to wiki entries.  You’ve been warned Howtoons is coming at ya!

My 11-year-old has been hooked on Howtoons from the first time he saw one. It’s always the first thing he flips to when Make shows up at our house.

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