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In the gallaxy of Nyllo, on the planet Bequello the people are split in three tribes:

The Dellans are true
The Shellans all lie
And the Zig-Zaggas alternate to each side.

Now on this particular day, Aod, Bak, and Cuay
Contest over who is smart, good looking, and brave
One to each tribe, the three Bequellans trade jibes,
And each thrice, say:

1. Bak is higher in the smart test than in the brave test
2. Cuay is lower in the brave test than in the good looking test
3. I have the same place in the brave test as I do in the good looking test.

1. I am not a Zig-Zagga
2. I am less brave cowardly than Cuay
3. Cuay is a Dellan

1. Aod is the most cowardly of us three
2. Aod is a Shellan
3. I am smarter than Aod

Your challenge today is to place Aod, Bak, and Cuay in their order of smart, good looking, and brave. An additional test to the list of the best, is to find which Bequellan tribes be they.

You are finding the order of best to worst in smart, good looking, and brave. You are also finding to which tribe the three Bequellans belong.

Aod is a Dellan
Bak is a Zig-Zagga (making statements false, true false)
Cuay is a Shellan

1. Bak
2. Aod
3. Cuay

Good Looking
1. Aod
2. Cuay
3. Bak

1. Aod
2. Bak
3. Cuay

Start by finding the tribes. That will let you know which statements are true and which are false.

If B3 is true, then C2 is true; A is a Shellan; B is a Zig-Zagga. B1 is true since B3 is true; B is not a Zig-Zagga, but this is a contradiction so the original assumption is false and B3 is false and B1 is false.

Since B3 is false, A is a Dellan.

B1 is false; B is a Zig-Zagga and C is a Shellan. You can now know which statements are true and which are false.

Since B2 is true, B is higher than C in the bravery test. Since C3 is false, A is smarter than C. Since C1 is false, A is not third in bravery.

From A1, B is higher in smartness than in bravery. We know B is not third in bravery since B is higher than C. B is smartest, A is second, and C is third. Thus B is not first for bravery.

Since B is higher than C in bravery; B is second and C is third; A is first in bravery.

From A3, A is the best looking and from A2, C is second, B is third.

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