Most Awesomely Geeky Baby Shower Cake Ever!

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We do a lot of posts about cakes here on GeekDad, but, whatever your feelings about such posts in general, I think you’ll agree we would be remiss if we didn’t write about this one. Baby showers are—to my admittedly limited knowledge—usually very cutesy affairs with lots of pastels, and therefore not places you would expect to find geekiness.

However, Cake Wrecks posted this morning about this truly awesome cake, which manages to be both very cute and very, very geeky:


Not only does it have some very cool-looking planets, with decorating sprinkles and airbrushing actually used to good effect(!), but how freakin’ awesome is it that Darth Vader is holding the (extremely detailed) baby?! Kudos to the bakery that made it, not just for all the things they did, but also for realizing that trying to mold Vader’s helmet out of fondant would never look right, and so using plastic instead.

It’s almost enough to make me want to have another child, just to have a reason to get a replica of that cake made. Almost.

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